Women's Health Clinic

Women’s medicine is the main focus of activities and services provided by Mom Fertility and Infertility Treatment Centre. Accordingly, it should be noted that respecting the privacy of patients can bring them mental relief. Each floor of this clinic is dedicated to a special set of activities and services. For instance, the northern and southern wings of the building, that overlook eye-catching views and landscapes, are dedicated to waiting lounges. In addition, at patients’ request and at the discretion of physicians, husbands can accompany their wives during their stay at this clinic with respect to the privacy of other clients. Non-transparent glass walls let enough light into the clinic’s interior. It should also be noted that Department of Gynaecology employs the most advanced equipment and devices to meet the needs of esteemed clients in the field of women's health and diseases. 

Breast Clinic

Women have a significant effect on the health of the family and society by playing two major roles: motherhood and wifehood. Therefore, it is very vital to provide and maintain their health. Among the diseases threatening women’s health, breast cancer is considered a major concern for women because it is the most prevalent type of cancer among them. Hence, early diagnosis and effective treatment of this condition are of special importance. In addition, other breast diseases are also common among women and affect their physical and mental health. Breast Clinic of Mom Fertility and Infertility Treatment Centre recruits experienced specialists and employs the most advanced equipment to provide specialized care, examinations, screening tests, and diagnostic and therapeutic measures in order to ensure women's health in this area.