world class  fertility care

The MOM Specialized Centre for Reproductive Health and Infertility has been established based on the most successful international models and in collaboration with top Iranian specialists in an area of 6,500 m2. We are proud to announce that the MOM Specialized Centre provides Iranian families with all infertility and reproductive health services provided by top American and European infertility centres according to international standards. 

To provide these world-class services, it is needed to pay special attention to many simple and complex matters, some of the most important ones are explained below:


Comprehensiveness is an important factor in customer satisfaction and quality improvement. Therefore, this centre offers a medical package that provides all necessary medical services from the point a couple decides to conceive to infertility treatment, pregnancy care, and healthy delivery under one roof. The MOM Specialized Centre has been designed and constructed as a “one-stop fertility clinic” which refers to top infertility centres in the world with highly successful track records. This centre has 16 specialized clinics, 5 high-tech operating theatres, and an area of 1,500 m2 devoted to advanced pathobiology and genetic laboratories, and imaging units.

Success Rate

The success rate is the most important index to assess the performance of all infertility centres in the world. This index is represented by the ratio of successful IVF to all IVF procedures. The MOM Specialized Centre for Infertility and Reproductive Health was designed as a prototype of the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine (CCRM), which has the highest success rate in the world (65%). To this end, an extensive study was conducted on the success elements, which were then implemented very sensitively. A brief explanation of these elements are as follows:

Designing and implementing an embryology room based on the ISO Class B cleanroom and IVF operating room based on the ISO Class C cleanroom

Using 8 layers of filters in the embryology and andrology rooms to eliminate air particles, specifically the volatile organic compounds, which are very harmful to the foetus

Using the latest equipment in embryology, andrology, operating, and radiology units, which directly affect the IVF procedure

Using the latest building management system software and equipment to control incubator gases, and pressure, humidity, and temperature in the embryology, andrology, and IVF rooms

Installing a quality control system to minimize error rate, address problems, and harmonize protocols for doctors

Providing up-to-date genetic services for diagnosis and selection of suitable foetus to increase the chance of fertility and foetal health

Providing families with psychological services 

Due to the vulnerability of such patients, mental health is an important factor for improvement of fertility success rate. Therefore, this factor has been considered in all treatment elements from building design to behaviour training for personnel.


The MOM Specialized Center is proud of enjoying of a medical team comprised of leading specialists with brilliant ethical records in the field of infertility and reproductive health. 

To provide the patients with high-quality services, the medical team members work collaboratively and continuously, so that the treating physician gets the professional opinions of other physicians, embryologists, and nurses to adopt the best treatment.


It can be proudly said that the MOM Specialized Centre has the most high-tech infertility and reproductive health equipment in the Middle East.

The equipment in the MOM Specialized Centre was purchased based on the opinions of the head of the departments in collaboration with one of the top medical equipment specialists in the region, Alireza Tolou Koroushi, Ph.D. in medical equipment and managing director of Karamad Co.

Some of the most important equipment in this centre are:

GE mammography

GE ultrasound system (P6, S10, and E10)

Laparoscopy (Wolf, Germany)


Colposcope (LINET, Czech)

Anesthesia machines (Drager, Germany)

Electrocautery (Meridian Valley Lab, USA)

Syringe Pump (ARdo, Swiss)

Hospital bed (LINET, Czech)

IUI beds (LINET, Czech)

Oxygen concentrator (Atlas Spco)

Electroshock (Philips, Germany)

Surgical suction (Ardo, Swiss)


“The architectural insight into the MOM Centre’s building was to avoid the sense of doubt and anxiety that exists in many medical centres and to establish a treatment centre instead of a patient centre according to the manner of our wise ancestors.”

Fear of permanent infertility and exhausting treatment stages, along with treatment costs are very stressful issues for families are among the main barriers to infertility treatment.

Therefore, creating a visually stress-free environment is an effective factor during infertility treatment. As a result, the MOM Specialized Centre was established as a treatment centre with a patient-friendly design. In 2019, the building of this centre ranked three among 1,000 buildings dominated by the Journal of Architectural Art.

Nowadays, smart building technologies have been given particular attention, particularly in medical buildings. This is because they can prevent many losses, possible risks, and inadvertent human errors. For example:

What will happen if the pressure of different gases and temperature of an incubator, which contains dozens of foetus, reduce at night?

What if these machines are equipped with a building management system (BMS) that alerts the personnel to the problem?

The MOM Specialized Centre is a completely smart building, in which many equipment and facility parameters are controlled by a BMS. According to the Journal of Building Automation, the MOM Specialized Centre is one of the smartest buildings in Iran and the most advanced centre for infertility in the Middle East.

Research and Development

Although establishment of a medical centre at an international level is a very difficult project, what is more challenging is to maintain its superior quality. To this end, this centre includes a specific research and innovation unit in the field of gynaecology so as to keep up with the latest infertility diagnosis and treatment methods. Moreover, the research context is provided to domestic scientists and experts in the field of cell therapy, recombinant drugs, and bioresonance. The domestic development of a vaccine for the human papillomavirus (HPV)-induced cervical cancer, as one of the high-tech pharmaceutical products, is a good example of achievement by this centre third to the Merck and GSK. The production of this vaccine was implemented as a national macroplan and now is undergoing human tests. It is predicted that this product goes to the market in the next year.

It is worth noting that education is one of the modest goals in this centre. I this regard, two months before its establishment, the MOM’s digital magazine ( was set up to improve maternal knowledge of Iranian women and to answer their questions.