There are two ultrasonography rooms in this centre, equipped with the most advanced ultrasonography equipment and devices of different models for different applications. Given the importance of ultrasonography as a diagnostic procedure, the world’s best and most up-to-date ultrasonography system (Voluson E10) has been purchased from GE Healthcare to meet the needs of clients.  

Three-Dimensional Ultrasonography

Providing a three-dimensional image of the fetus, three-dimensional ultrasonography is performed when there is a need for the careful examination of all organs of the fetus from head to toe.

Four-Dimensional Ultrasonography

Four-dimensional ultrasonography provides more detailed pictures in which fetal yawning, body stretching, heartbeat, and small bones are visible. In addition, four-dimensional ultrasonography makes it possible for parents to watch the face of their fetus for the first time. Imagine that you can even see a fetus sucking its fingers. These are only a few advantages of four-dimensional ultrasonography. Since the pictures provided by four-dimensional ultrasonography are quite clear, this method can be used for diagnosing any problems, and physicians can perform it at any time during pregnancy. 

Doppler Ultrasonography

Doppler ultrasonography is employed to evaluate the function of placental vessels and the status of blood supply to the fetus during pregnancy. However, this procedure can be performed whenever there is a need for the examination of blood circulation. 

Equipped with the most up-to-date ultrasonography equipment and devices for different applications, Mom Fertility and Infertility Treatment Centre is ready to provide ultrasonography services such as three-dimensional, four-dimensional, and Doppler.