Maternal and Fetal Health Clinic

Maintaining the health of the mother and fetus is very important and considered a measure of health and well-being in a community. Therefore, a specialized unit for has been established prenatal care. Consisting of a dedicated, experienced, and knowledgeable team of gynaecologists and midwives led by Dr. Minoo Taheri, Mom Fertility and Infertility Treatment Centre aims to provide services for all women who wish to have children and help them experience a healthy and safe pregnancy. Our team’s heartfelt desire is to maintain the physical and mental health of mothers and fetuses during pregnancy and help them have a pleasant experience of pregnancy and childbirth with the fewest complications. This is why Maternal and Fetal Health Clinic provides mothers with a set of prenatal care services based on the latest scientifically valid references and protocols. The services provided in this clinic are as follows:

- Development of medical records for pregnant women

- Periodic examination of maternal and fetal health

- Periodic examination of pregnant mothers' health to identify mothers with high-risk pregnancies

- Prenatal training and counselling

- Free midwifery consultation

High-Risk Pregnancy Clinic

Perinatology Clinic of Mom Fertility and Infertility Treatment Centre has been established to provide specialized services for mothers with a high-risk pregnancy in need of special care. Benefiting from the most advanced equipment, specialists of this clinic do their best to help mothers pass this critical period with the fewest complications and give birth to healthy infants. This clinic provides services for the following patients:

- Mothers with chronic diseases

- Mothers with pregnancy complications such as preeclampsia

- Mothers at risk of miscarriage or preterm labour

- Mothers with multiple pregnancies

- Mothers of older ages

- Mothers with a history of recurrent miscarriage

- Mothers who become pregnant after several periods of treatment through methods of assisted reproduction 

- Mothers who have been exposed to traumatic factors during pregnancy

- Mothers with a history of birth defects

- All mothers diagnosed with high-risk pregnancies for any reason

It is hoped that the increasing efforts made at Mom Fertility and Infertility Treatment Centre lead to the reduced complications and problems of high-risk pregnancies. A team consisting of trained and experienced midwives are ready to answer your questions and provide online and telephone counselling in order to help mothers have 24-hour access to pregnancy counsellors and experience controlled and safe pregnancy and labour.